P is for Presley | Ashley Cook Photography |

“A baby fills a hole in your heart that you never knew was there.” Author: Unknown Read the story of baby Presley’s long and sometimes tear filled journey to her parents. http://ashleycary.blogspot.com Watch her slide show here.http://static.animoto.com/swf/w.swf?w=swf/vp1&e=1338680429&f=Nkl1C1CyIoUcX4fUBvXscQ&d=117&m=a&r=360p&volume=100&start_res=360p&i=m&options=

Ava {8 years old} Part 1 of 2 | Ashley Cook Photography |

Miss Ava Gore… What can I say about my little cousin? She is such a girly girl, but then she will go hunting, fishing, hiking and shooting with all the boys. One minute she is a soccer girl and the next … Continue reading