Glamour Boudoir Mini sessions | Oregon Glamour Boudoir Photographer | Ashley Cook Photography |

Glamour Boudoir Mini Sessions November 2nd 2014 Do you want to get your significant other the BEST Christmas or Valentines day gift they will ever receive? What would be better than amazing images of you! Space will be limited, so … Continue reading

Beauty sessions studio fun! | Ashley Cook Photography |

I am a pretty lucky gal that when I ask friends to model for me they willingly say yes! So here is the stunning Mrs. S who let me torture her for a few hours to get some sample shots for the upcoming beauty sessions. … Continue reading

Beauty sessions just in time for Valentines day | Ashley Cook Photography |

I have been having a really hard time with what I want to call these sessions. I didn’t want to call them boudoir because I don’t want women to feel like they have to be in lingerie or  less for these … Continue reading