Mr & Mrs Garrison | Mt Pisgah Eugene, Oregon DIY Fall Wedding | Ashley Cook Photography |

Mr and Mrs Garrison

Mt Pisgah Eugene, Oregon

I can’t think of a better post for the first day of fall than Grady and Kelsey’s beautiful Mount Pisgah wedding preview, that had such a fall feel to it. The day was beautiful! I have so many favorite images from their day that I just sort of picked ones at random for their preview hehe! I hope you guys have tons of fun on your honeymoon!




I was in love with Kelseys dress from the moment I saw it.

 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-2 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-3 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-4 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-5 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-6 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-7 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-8 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-9 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-10 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-11 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-12 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-13 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-14 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-15 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-16 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-17 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-18Kelsey did SO much crafting for their special day. Every time I turned around there was another cute craft that she had done.

Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-19 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-20 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-21I just adore this beautiful moment that Kayla captured with Kelsey and her dad right before he walked her down the aisle.


I love doing sessions at Mt Pisgah and have always wanted to shoot a wedding there. It’s so natural and beautiful. Not to mention the amazing light.

Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-23 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-24

But first… Let me do a selfie! You two crack me up!

Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-25 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-26

Another one of Kelseys amazing crafts. Such a cute guest book idea.


The moment I saw her dress I knew that I was going to make her dance in it.

Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-28 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-29 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-30 Ashley_Cook_Photography_mt_pisgah_wedding_photography_Oregon-31

Hair by Kelsey Garrison

Makeup by Reina

Venue – Mt. Pisgah Eugene, Oregon

Assistant Photographer-Kayla Wells

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