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Travis and Juhl

A gift for a Father

Oregon Wedding Photographer

Eugene, Oregon

I have been thinking about writing this all week. What should I say? Should I even write it? Last weekend we attended a beautiful wedding. This is a wedding that I will never forget. Not because it was planning to perfection for months and months (It was actually planned in less than a week!). But because it was so special and heartbreaking all at the same time. You see we have lived in our home for almost nine years now. And for the past nine years we have had the same neighbors. Ernie, has been that neighbor that sees us working on a project and comes over with his tool belt and smile on. Almost every project that we have done around our home Ernie has had a hand in. He is that man who puts others before himself. So it breaks our hearts to know that soon Ernie will be going to heaven. His only daughter, Juhl gave him a beautiful gift by allowing him to walker her down the aisle before he passed.

I watched a weak man rise from his wheelchair to hug this daughter before he gave her away. I watched him and everyone around me weep. It was in that moment that I realized there was a reason why none of the inquires that I had gotten last year to shoot a wedding on July 19th panned out. Our neighbors backyard is where I was meant to be that night, capturing everything I could through my lens for Ernie, his daughter and family.

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