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Oregon Children Photographer

This summer I was blessed by being crazy busy with sessions! Which I am so grateful for. But it left me little time for personal projects. I decided a few years ago that every year on Shavelles birthday she would have her own photo shoot. Well a crazy busy summer, super tired momma and a little lady who didn’t want her picture taken made that not happen this year. Then one Sunday she told me she wanted to do a photo shoot in the studio like all the other really pretty ladies do (meaning a glamour shoot 😉 ).


Ashley Cook Photography-1 Ashley Cook Photography-2 Ashley Cook Photography-3 Ashley Cook Photography-4 Ashley Cook Photography-5 Ashley Cook Photography-6 Ashley Cook Photography-7 Ashley Cook Photography-8 Ashley Cook Photography-9 Ashley Cook Photography-10 Ashley Cook Photography-11 Her true personality hahah

Ashley Cook Photography-12 Ashley Cook Photography-13 She loves her daddy AKA her big superman

Ashley Cook Photography-14

She is growing so fast and I know that I need to cherish every moment with her. Watching her dance around the studio and telling me how she was going to pose next, was priceless. It is hard for me to believe that in 13 short days my little lady is going to be a big sister. She has been so excited about being a sister and already loves her little brother so much. It feels like yesterday that I was headed to the hospital to have Shavelle. Where has the list 5 years gone!

One thought on “Shavelle | Oregon Children Photography | Ashley Cook Photography |

  1. When I see these pics of shavelle and Matt, my heart thinks of my wonderful loving aunt jewel, matts grandma and how her heart would burst with love for all these cook grandchildren and greats and for the welcoming of Matt and Ashley’s little boy….she was a person that if u knew and loved her, you would never forget her smile!!!!

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