Caught in a Cross-road | Ashley Cook Photography |

Lately I have been feeling very caught in a cross-road in all aspects of my life. Personally, financially, spiritually and business wise.

This weekend I attended the Eugene Bridal Showcase. I wanted to check it out because I have been thinking about possibly having a booth there someday. So I was hoping to see how other photographers do their booths and just get a feel for the whole event. But I left the event feeling very… bummed and confused. First thing is that an event like that is soooo not for me. I am not one to just burst out to people “Do you need a photographer?!?!” It took me a whole year to even tell others that I was doing photography and in just the last few months have been able to tell others that I am a stay at home mommy AND a Photographer.

So why the confused part? There where so many great photographer at the event. I mean a lot of photographers.  All of the wedding photographers there where great and very talented, but they kind of all just blended in to me. As a bride I probably would have just picked the one that was offering the best price. Because quality and style wise they were all very similar. Now I am not bashing any photographers that where there. Any bride would be lucky to have any of the photographers there photograph her wedding.

But then today it kind of hit me. Now I mean this in no offence to anyone, but I don’t want to just be a photographer. I want to be “A Photographer”. You know like how Holli True is amazing at capturing senior girl. Or Sue Bryce and her ability to transform a womans inside beauty to their outside. Or Amanda K  and the way she works with light and raw emotion that make you want to cry, laugh and smile at couples wedding images that you don’t even know. I want to be great at something rather than be just ok at stuff.

I know that being great take a lot of time, effort, hard work, dedication, talent, will, strength, blood, sweat and tears . There are a lot of people and photographers that would say that you need to specialize. Meaning only shoot weddings, or seniors or kids. But the problem is I don’t know what that one thing for me is?

So I will be adding that to the great “To-do” list. I will keep learning, bettering my skills and soul-searching for that thing that make me most happy and that I can be inspiring at!

So because I was feeling like I needed some photography therapy today (and because everything is better with a photo 🙂 ) my little lady from today 🙂

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