Beauty sessions just in time for Valentines day | Ashley Cook Photography |

I have been having a really hard time with what I want to call these sessions. I didn’t want to call them boudoir because I don’t want women to feel like they have to be in lingerie or  less for these sessions. So I have settled on calling them beauty sessions. Because they really are about your beauty.

So here is my hope.  I want your sessions images to making you feel beautiful, confident, strong, ready to take on the world and sexy. So that when you hand your images to your sweetheart on Valentines day they will look at them and say “WOW!  That is you and your stunning!” (Oh, come on… We would all love to hear that from our Valentines 🙂 ). So that can be you in a stunning dress that your confident in. Or your Valentines white-collar shirt. It doesn’t have to be lingerie but it can be if you want. These will be classy, timeless and fun. And of course you’re welcome to bring a friend along to cheer you on or make you laugh hehe 😉

In the next few weeks I will put up a few session images as example so everyone can see what I have in my head 😉 But for now I have this to give you an idea of one of the setups.

Ashley Cook

I know hehe I self-portraited, which by the way is wayyyyy harder than it looks.  Don’t get used to it because it almost never happens! I almost didn’t post this because I HATE seeing picture of myself ekkk ;(

So now for the session details. I will be offering two different packages but both will include the following:

-All sessions will take place at my home in a studio setting. They will be held on January 26th.

-30 Minutes sessions

-1-2 outfits

-Professional hair and makeup prior to your session

Package #1:

-15+images on a high-resolution disk with an unlimited personal usage copyright release.

-All images color corrected

-All images in Black/White and Color


A $100 non refundable deposit is required to book a session time

Package #2

– A $50 session fee.

-After viewing all of your images you can pick which images you would like to purchase for prints and produces from my à la carte menu which is custom to these sessions.

Your session fee of $50 is non refundable and required to book a session time.

These will make great Valentines day gifts or late Christmas gifts! I also have gift certificates available for these sessions. Hint, hint guys 😉

If your interested or have any questions please email me at

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