My new best friend, the little Expodisc | Ashley Cook Photography |

Ok, so I normally don’t do post for photographers. But this is just to good not to share.

I would like for you all to meet my new little best friend… The Expodisc. seriously where has this little thing been all of my photography life!

As Photographers we all know that once the session with your client is over, the real work begins. I have been know to spend way too much time editing an image over and over again. But one of my biggest problems is white balance. So you can image my excitement when I found out about the Expodisc and the fact that it helps you set the white balance in camera.

What is white balance? White balance is basically a way to “measure” the temperature of light and to “balance” out the colors of your photography for the desired results.

Below are some images (yes, I had to use my ring because all of the breathing subjects in my life have gotten smart to me saying “Just stand there, I need to try some stuff!”)

The first with my camera white balance set at “Auto”. I can’t say its SOOC (straight out of camera) because I did sharpen my ring a bit. But that is it! Well and the watermark, but you get the point. Notice how cold the tone is 😦

Next, I fired off a shot using the Expodisc and used that image to set the custom white balance in my camera and….VOILA!

(also SOOC with a touch of sharpening on the ring)

For even more information about the Expodisc, be sure to check out a 5 part video series by Zack and Jody Gray  here .

Every Camera is different, so you should check your manual for instruction on setting custom white balance in your camera.

Hope this helps everyone 🙂

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